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Exhibition Halls

Hall of Women

Hall of Women in Ancient China

The Hall of Women in Ancient China showcases in historical sequence the vital role of Chinese women ancients in the progress of human civilization, and traces the changes in their status throughout history.


Hall of Women in Modern China

The Hall of Women in Modern China showcases the last century of history of Chinese women, and their pursuit of liberation amid the common struggle for national liberation and democracy.


Hall of Contemporary Women

The Hall of Contemporary Women showcases the achievements of Chinese women throughout China's socialist construction and reform and opening-up in the past 60 years and how their looks changed in modern times.


Hall of International Friendship

The Hall of International Friendship celebrates Chinese women's international exchanges and contributions to world peace, common development and gender equality.



Hall of Children

Hall of Children of Ancient China

This hall celebrates the attributes of the Chinese people. It showcases the study, education, customs, and social activities of children in ancient times.


Hall of Children in Modern China

This hall showcases the living and education conditions of Chinese children of the modern age, their group activities and heroic deeds.


Hall of Contemporary Children

This hall showcases the historical course of Chinese children's development. Its exhibits encourage contemporary Chinese children to take an interest in history, cherish the good life they now have and be proud successors and constructors of socialism with Chinese characteristics.